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CEUSpace is a budget-friendly training platform developed to eliminate the frustrations and expand the abilities of schools, organizations, or small-to-medium size businesses to deliver educational material to their students, members, or employees.

Generally, large institutions have the extra revenue to invest in a web-based training project to create something like CEU Space. Our approach is a little different! CEU Space will deliver the platform, and the schools, organizations, or businesses supply the information specific to their needs. We also offer services to help develop the content for your business if needed.

One of the biggest attractions of CEUSpace is to offer short courses like Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) to clients on the web. CEUSpace provides a secondary revenue stream for small-to-medium-sized schools and businesses previously unable to offer such services due to the high cost of web development.

CEUSpace is ideal for any business that has a need for training like

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Alcohol Awareness
  • Workforce Development
  • MSDS
  • Anger management
  • Breakthrough Parenting
  • Team Building
  • Standard testing
  • Surveys
  • e-learning

Although we maintain control of the website code on our servers, a client can (*see note) have the site customized to match their company branding if you choose.

What is “Bandwidth?” bandwidth is the amount of data that passes through our servers and network equipment each month. Our code is written in a way that, in most cases, you can pull the video from YouTube and other sites, reducing the amount of bandwidth consumed by your site. Unless you plan to store videos on our servers, even the largest websites do not even come close to using their allotted bandwidth for the month. We recommend keeping videos on Amazon’s AWS or pulling them from YouTube. If you need the added security, then CEU Space is capable of storing your videos and files. Our services offer standard Cloud-based servers to dedicated HIPAA servers for use with our product.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to host and display your training content on a professionally managed platform, contact us at CEU Space today!

* Customizing the site to match the client's branding would be a separate charge in addition to the monthly service.